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  Shanghai-Hong satisfied polymer materials Limited, which is specialized in the production of radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable materials, Insulating materials such as high-tech products manufacturers. Companies adhering to the "integrity" of money, adhere to the "norms" of corporate thinking, sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life go hand in hand. Products by the National Electric Wire & Cable Inspection and Testing Center, State Power Industry Institute of Xi'an state-level high-pressure authority tests technical performance indicators completely in line with the state GB11033-89 and the United States IEEE standard requirements. And through ISO9000/2000 version quality system certification. The main products are 10-kilovolt high voltage radiation crosslinking insulation heat shrinkable tubes. a low voltage busbar kilovolt electrical power distribution equipment surrogacy arrangement radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable insulation casing, a kilovolt radiation crosslinking coated with insulation, Communication dedicated connector cable insulation and other enclosures.



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